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Adding Adjusters to Mask Elastic

We now have rubber adjusters for mask elastic. These are great to add to masks, especially if you are making for other people who may need their elastic looser or tighter. These adjusters are designed to be used with our 3mm and 5mm elastics – personally I prefer the 5mm. The hole for the adjuster is quite small so we decided to show you the best way we’ve found to thread the elastic through.

What you will need:

To thread the elastic we have used a yarn needle, any needle with a large eye will work. It does not need to have a pointed end.

Step 1

Cut the end of your elastic at a 45 degree angle to make a point. This will help it fit easier into the eye of the needle.

Step 2

Thread the elastic through the eye. This can be little tricky, a sewing teacher of mine once told me when threading a needle make the thread have no where to go but the eye of the needle. I think that advice is very helpful here. I squished the elastic between my finger and thumb and left just the point poking out. Then placed the needles eye over the top and pushed the needle down, when the tip of elastic is through pull on this until the elastic pokes out.

Step 3

Once one side of the elastic is threaded through the needle place the needle into the small opening of the adjuster. Pull through, it will be a bit tight, but the rubber will stretch to fit the elastic through.



Step 4

Now repeat the steps with the other side of elastic. Again this will feel tight when pulling through but it will stretch to fit through.

You can tie the elastics in a knot at the end if you wish, however the adjuster will be on tight enough not to fall off the ends. You can now stitch the elastic on to the mask or if you wish to have the elastic looped through the edge of the mask do so before applying the adjuster.

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